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Teenagers between the age of 13 and 17 often need support to enhance &

improve their social & communication skills:

Emotional Intelligence: dealing with negative feelings, interpreting how others are feeling, and learning to express yourself in an open yet constructive way


Identifying and solving social challenges: the importance of including others and learning to deal with being excluded


Valuing difference: learning the difference between fact and opinion and understanding that others may have a different opinion to you


Critical Thinking: learning to solve interpersonal problems and conflict


Body language: how to interpret others' body language and how they intepret yours


Conversation: developing the skills to interact with both adults and peers


Memory and concentration: learning to pay attention and retain information

Social & communication skills groups for teenagers aged 13 to 17

Groups are arranged according to the age of the child.


Through structured explanations, games and activities in a group setting, children learn the necessary skills to help them make friends, assert theselves and stand up to bullying. By building their confidence, children experience reduced anxiety, enhanced self esteem and self awareness. The groups are a safe place for children to 'test the waters' , to take risks and to say and do things that might not be socially 'typical'. We moderate their communication and social behaviour by helping them to accept each others' strengths and weaknesses and to value their differences.


While we always aim to have fun, the groups mirror real life where things don't always turn out how they would expect. We help children deal with negative emotions and transition them from disappointment to acceptance through the support of the group clinicians and fellow group members. Children learn strategies to help them in their day-to-day lives, enabling them to face the world with greater confidence



Activities covered in the groups include:



Team building and friendship exercises


Solving problems through role play


Interpretation of facial expressions & other social cues


Listening, auditory processing & comprehension


Critical thinking


Vocabulary & conversation skills


Repecting rules & differences in play


Reacting appropriately & modifying behaviour









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Groups are offered at the Elijah Centre in North West London and at our Great James Street location in Central London. Please contact us for details.