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Debora Elijah has studied and has worked with children and young adults in many countries around the world:


She obtained her PhD in Clinical Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology and Educational Psychology at Fernando Pessoa University in Portugal. Her viva voce or oral thesis was with Professor Andrew Tolmie, Dean of the Doctoral School at the Institute of Education at the University of London. She obtained her Masters in Neuropsychology at the Catholic University of Louvain, in Belgium, supervised by Professor Jean Costermans, Dean of Psychology.


In Belgium, Debora was trained by Theo Peeters, a Belgian neurolinguist at the Centre for Training in Autism in Antwerp. The centre is affiliated to TEACCH, University of North Carolina, founded by Dr. Eric Schopler in 1972. In Antwerp Debora was also joint director of Tikvatenu, a centre for handicapped children, young people and adults.


In Brazil, Debora conducted research into structured and non structured environments for autistic children and children with communication disorders, which was supported by the Brazilian Government. At the same time she was a founder of CIAPEMA, a centre of research and intervention for young high functioning children with autism and related communication disorders. She was also lead researcher in the Process Cognitive Psychology group coordinated by Professor Milton Madeira at the Catholic University at Rio Grande do Sul.


Debora came to the UK in 2000 and has since worked in her own private practice and for two different charities. She developed a programme called PROSCIG, an intervention programme in social cognitive inter pairs dealing with 3 main areas: social perception, self regulation and social problem solving.


In October 2014, Debora's book Brain: The Social Cognitive Mind in Promoting Psychosocial Competences in the Peer Group was published in Portugal to much acclaim, recognising Debora's leadership in her field of psychology.


















Some of the coverage received by Debora's book can be seen on the following websites:






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